New songs, New shows

Hi guys!

These days im writing a bunch of new songs and these songs will end up on a full-length Dirty Old Town record!
Sometime later this fall the first recordings of the album will take place. Exciting stuff.. I will keep you updated on the process.

I’ve added a lot of new concerts to the calender so go have a look In the “Gigs” section. I’m really looking forward to the Germany tour with One-Eyed Mule in October. Some danish shows are added as well, so hope to see you guys out there.

Sif Mikkelsen is a very talented artist and she is right now making a killer musicvideo for “This Time” I’ve seen some of the screen shots and yes there will be blood (and water) in the video!
The video will ready for the world early September.. You are in for a treat..

So long

MC// Dirty Old Town